Karin Lanz – Since 2011 Ambassador of the Swiss Red Cross

Giving life to a child is the greatest achievement and the most wonderful job. Seeing it grow and bringing it up ist he greatest adventure that I have also been able to take part in every day now. We are very fortunate that everything went well for us and we are in good health. However, for many mothers in poverty-stricken remote areas of the world, pregnancy and childbirth are major risks to health. And for many children insufficient food and contaminated drinking water can be fatal dangers. I want to help ensure that these young women and their children are able to experience the same kind of happiness as I can. That is why I support the Swiss Red Cross. Thanks to the SRC mothers are given advice and care before, during and after chilcbirth, even in remote or forgotten regions. That way, their babies have better chances in life. I would be pleased if you too support SRC